Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Note from the teacher: While cleaning up files on my computer, I came across these notes developed by students in class. If you remove the names, it actually reads like science poetry! Of course, I wouldn't remove the names, though, because those kids deserve the right to see their names up on the blog! They all had something smart to say, but together their brilliance is invincible!

Seth We need to learn how to power the world with solar energy. 
Mason Sometimes gas pipelines have to be diverted around lakes, people’s properties and other landforms that are difficult to manuveur. 
The old drills used to drill oil had three bits that spun, but they could only drill straight down. Rebecca 
It takes 3 football fields for the new drills to turn at a 90 degree angle. Joshua 
Oil is used for almost everything we own. Thomas 
We need to recycle plastic bottles, instead of letting them sit in landfills. Tayler 
You need to be careful when you are drilling for oil, because it costs a lot of money. D.J.  
Most of our clothing is made out of oil. Sarah 
Almost everything in the world is made out of oil. Natalie 
If you throw away a plastic bottle, nothing happens to it. Selena 
Gas, Oil, and Coal are nonrenewable resources. Isabella 
It is important to know if there is a gas leak, because natural gas is highly flammable. Megan 
If we threw away everything in our house made out of oil, we would be living on bare floors and wearing animal skins. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Riverside Park

Today Mrs. Abernethy's class and Mrs. Winner's class walked to Riverside Park to meet the Creek Connections crew. We performed water quality tests and we collected and studied macroinvertebrates by using the kicknetting method.